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Baking &
Cooking Planks


For centuries, cooking on natural wood planks has been relished by cooks of all cultures for adding flavor, retaining healthy juices and enhancing food's aromatic presence. The Just Smoked Salmon Just-EZ™ Alder, Maple and Cedar cooking planks return this palate pleasing tradition with modern flair and ease of use.

The revolutionary Just-EZ™ baking & cooking planks require no special tools! Handcrafted of premium flavor woods, Just-EZ™cooking & baking planks have been designed to last for years of average home use (2-3 times a month). Should a crack or split ever appear in your Just-EZ™ Alder, Maple or Cedar cooking plank, simply turn the slotted heads of the stainless steel adjusting rods until the crack has closed. You can easily do this with a simple screwdriver, or even a table knife! (If adjusting your plank within a hot oven, always wear suitable hand protection. Your cooking plank and oven racks are hot!)

Thrill and excite your guests with the delightful flavors and aromas these all natural Cedar & Alder wood cooking planks bring to your table.

Handcrafted, long lasting and user friendly, these Alder & Cedar baking planks offer years of culinary delight.For thrilling BBQ grilling, view the broad assortment of Alder, Maple & Cedar grilling planks and slabs found here. The use of stainless steel adjusting rods removes any risk of toxic chromates associated with plated metals.

Maple, Alder & Cedar Cooking Planks

Extra Large
Cedar Cooking Planks Cedar Planks $32.95*


Every Alder, Maple or Cedar cooking plank includes easy usage & cleaning instructions.      
Alder Cooking Planks Alder Planks


Enclosed instructions feature a photo illustrated recipe.      
Maple Cooking Plank
Maple Planks



Cooking Plank Combination Pricing

Cedar Cooking Planks Picture

Alder Cooking Planks Picture

8"x14" x1.5"

Extra Large
8"x18" x1.5"  
One Alder & One Cedar Cooking Plank

Chef Master Kit - Alder, Maple & Cedar Cooking Plank $99.95*

Looking for a great Alder, Maple or Cedar baked salmon recipe?
Visit the plank cooking recipe page for contest winning plank cooking recipes.

Enter your favorite plank cooking recipe for a chance to win a free Just EZ Cooking plank!

Every gourmet kitchen deserves a long lasting easy to use Maple, Alder or Cedar plank!

*All planks are shipped Fed Ex Ground. Rush orders Call 1-866-390-9506. Please allow 3-10 days for delivery. If you are outside the contiguous U.S., please call (360) 452-3150 or fax (360) 452-3159 for a shipping quote.

Don't forget to enter your favorite plank cooking or baking recipes for a chance to win a free cooking plank of your choice. Other great prizes are available for winning plank grilling recipes, meat smoking & brine recipes, or smoked salmon recipes!


Salmon Smoking Accessories

All natural Kiln dried Alder wood & Cedar planks for unparralled BBQ Grilling of salmon, seafood & meats.Salmon Planks

Solid Cedar, Maple and Alder Planks for exceptional wood smoked grilling.

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Alder Wood Chips & Chunks
Assorted bags of all natural Western Red Alder wood chips & Kiln dried wood chunks for BBQ & meat smokers.
For barbequing or smoking salmon, fish, and seafood nothing beats the taste of
Alder Wood Smoked!

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Baking & Cooking Planks
Baking & Cooking Planks
Just EZ™ indoor cooking planks bring modern flair to any baking recipe.

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Create your own unique gift box idea.
Wholesale & Corporate too!

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