Apricot Smoked Salmon Recipe
I got a recipe from a friend and it's called Apricot smoked salmon:
  1. You'll need to have: salmon, non-iodized rock salt, apricot syrup, alder chips
  2. Sprinkle flesh side of fish with rock salt and let stand about 12 hours or over night;
  3. then rinse, pat dry and allow to air dry for about an hour.
  4. Next place fish on racks and baste with apricot syrup and then place in smoker.
  5. Baste 3-5 times during smoking and
  6. continue to smoke about 4-8 hours at aprox. 150 degrees or until done.
  7. I always start my smoker and let it warm up (it's electric) while the fish is air drying.This is a really tasty recipe and is very flavorful.
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