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Mike P’s Smoked Fish Recipe

Mike P's Smoked Fish Recipe
  1. Marinate salmon fillet or parts for two hours in the following:
  2. One half gallon of Kikomans terriaki sauce,
  3. six ounces of Grandma's molasses, twenty four ounces of brown sugar,
  4. half cup of hot water (to help reduce molasses.)
  5. Mix until you don't hear or feel grinding of sugar on bowl surface.
  6. While salmon is marinating keep in fridge.
  7. In your fire box arrange small amount of coals or wood. (approx. 8 to 12 coals).
  8. Let coals get white or red hot then soak Alder chips in water for approx. 10 min.
  9. Arrange salmon on grates, close lid, start feeding hot bed of coals with soaked wood chips.
  10. My fire box is approx. 15 inches from grates.
  11. For moist smoked salmon let smoke one hour on one side, half hour for other side.
  12. You can increase smoke time for a drier taste.
  13. Let cool before vaccuum sealing. Enjoy! P.S. I use the same method for smoking albacore tuna.


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