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Rob’s Chocolate Treat

Rob's Chocolate Treat
  • cut salmon into 3inch wide steaks
  • stand cut portions with backbone facing ceiling
  • slice down bone, splitting in half
  • do not debone fish
  • mix 3 cups brown sugar with 1 cup pickling salt
  • using a plastic, NOT metal container...
  • layer fish, skin side down, covering generously with mixture
  • next layer, cover with mixture...when finished, last cover
  • should be thicker than other layers...
  1. place in fridge overnight....
  2. in morning, rinse off excess salt/sugar under cold water
  3. set on racks to airdry for 2-3 hrs....until glaze appears
  4. then lightly brush with maple syrup and place in smoker
  5. thicker pieces on lower racks....
  6. preheat smoker....load rack of salmon....make sure smoker is out of the wind....
  7. one pan of smoke every two hours makes a wonderful tasting
  8. smoked salmon...when finished, debone, tasting fish
  9. is next to the bones....oh ya...
  10. to keep a long time....process in salmon canning jars 90 mins in boiling water....
  11. when opening jar of canned smoked salmon...mix with philadelphia
  12. cream cheese with jalapeno peppers and use as cracker spread


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