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Smoked Salmon Lasagna a la Anna

Smoked Salmon Lasagna a la Anna
Cook time: 
Total time: 
  • One bunch of Green Spinach leaves, washed and stems removed.
  • 16 oz of Smoked Salmon
  • Alfredo Sauce (home made or a store bought jar)
  • Box of Lasagna Noddles
  • Capers
  • small amount of butter for pan.
  1. )Steam the spinach, don't over steam it since
  2. it is going to be cooked further while baking in the Lasagna
  3. )Make a batch of Alfredo Sauce or use a store bough Jar.
  4. )When the Alfredo Sauce is done turn off heat and
  5. (or if using a store bought jar
  6. then put it into a simmering pot and make it slightly warm) add
  7. the 16 oz of Smoked Salmon, making sure that all of the skin
  8. and bones are removed in small flaked portions.
  9. )In a large boiling pot put in one box of Lasagna noddles and
  10. cook to firm, again remember that these lasagna noddles will
  11. be further cooked while baking and you do not wish to cook the
  12. lasagna noddles like you would with spaghetti. Strain the Lasagna
  13. noddles from the water and rinse with cold water.
  14. )Take a lasagna baking pan and butter the bottom and sides.
  15. )Place a thin layer of just Alfredo Sauce on the bottom.
  16. Then put down a layer of lasagna noddles, on-top of which put down
  17. more Alfredo sauce and the flakes of Smoked Salmon on top of which
  18. put down a thin layer of the steam spinach. Continue to make
  19. layers until all of the lasagna noddles and Alfredo sauce with
  20. smoked salmon is gone. The top layer should be just a layer of
  21. lasagna noddles and Alfredo sauce.
  22. )Take a ¼ cup of capers (drained from its normal vinager
  23. liquid) and put on the top of the lasagna.
  24. )Put in 350 F over for 60 min., do not burn the edges of the
  25. lasagna noddles.
  26. Serve 15 min. after turning the oven off, goes very well with a
  27. Rose wine and dark Russian Bread.


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