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I grew up on the south end of Seattle, and spent allot of time fishing. Most of my fishing was in the sound, then the ocean (mostly out of Neah bay), but my most favorite fishing hole is in the Straight. between Pt. Angeles and the grand banks!!!!!! Now I live in north Idaho, and long for the fresh seafood's I've left behind. So here comes the recipe I've taken a lifetime to master. And having so mastered it, I have realized sometimes the simpler the better!!!!!!!
  • --salmon or halibut or rock cod or steelhead or even trout (the more the merrier)
  • --2 cup rock salt (if I have to say Non-iodized you shouldn't be making salmon)
  • --3 to 4 lbs DARK brown sugar, cover with water
  1. if flies bother you, cover bucket
  2. toss in garage overnight (no fridge, you are BRINING)
  3. smoke with alder if you like cherry or other chips mix 4 parts alder to 1 part favorite
  4. my smoker does the bottom rack in about 4 hours + 1hr per higher rack (est. time)
  5. Eat until gone or stuffed then vacuum pack for best storage (no ref. req.)


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