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Upside Down Planked Fish

Upside Down Planked Fish
  1. On the planks I use I have inserted small screws along the sides of the plank about 1 to 2 inches apart
  2. and use a very thin wire like framing wire to truss my fish to the plank.
  3. I rub the fish and plank with olive oil season the fish with whatever spices I like and get fresh dill
  4. (lots of it stalks and all) put it under the fish put fish on the plank squeeze a lemon on top
  5. and put more fresh dill on top then take the wire
  6. and go across the fish like lacing a shoe from side to side looping the wire around the screws firmly not too tight
  7. you just need to secure it to the plank. ( I've used wood or gas to cook) place 1 or 2 bricks on the grate
  8. to elevate the plank fish side down if you need more heat take a brick out.
  9. Cook about 10-20 minutes or until the fish is just starting to flake.
  10. Remove it from heat and let it stand to finish cooking.
  11. Wire cutters work good to remove the fish but watch how you cut the wire so no small wire pieces are in the fish.
  12. I just unravel mine.
  13. Serve with a Dijon mustard sauce or by itself it's great and what a nice presentation.


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